Transmission Problem? Consult an Expert

The transmission in a vehicle is one of the most important factors to ensure that it runs smoothly. Most cars today include a transmission that lasts as long as the vehicle. However, this is only possible if the vehicle’s transmission is cared for and maintained well.  This is not hard to do with the right information on vehicle transmission.

Common Vehicle Transmission Problems

A vehicle’s transmission is prone to a number of problems for which you will need to hire an expert on transmissions in Mission Viejo CA. Listed below are some common problems that vehicle transmission systems face.


This vehicle transmission problem is usually defined as a slight slowness when changing gears. For instance, if the vehicle doesn’t move properly when you put it in drive, your transmission may have a slippage problem. It can be caused by failing external components, loss of calibration or parts that are worn out in the assembly.

Fluid Leaks

One of the most common causes for a failing or a troublesome transmission is fluid leaks. Fluid helps to keep the temperature of the transmission at a suitable level and prevent any other damage. High temperatures can cause the tyranny to heat and this can be very expensive to repair. Checking the cement right under the assembly from time to time can help you spot fluid leaks so get it repaired before it gets out of hand.

Worn Gears and Bands

Another reason you may need repair for transmission in Mission Viejo CA, is if your vehicle’s gears and bands are worn out.  An indication of this problem is being unable to find the right gear when the engine hits a particular RPM marker. This problem occurs over time when the vehicle is used to a great extent.

You may also need to get an expert on transmission in Mission Viejo CA to check your vehicle if you find your torque converter is malfunctioning. This component is meant to send torque to your transmission. This can get affected if the fins inside get worn out. Replacing the converter can solve your problem.

Call your local experts at Angel’s El Toro Transmission at (949) 587-9060.  They’ll get the job done.

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