Telltale Signs of Automobile Suspension Problems

Angels Transmission Blog - Telltale Signs of Automobile Suspension Problems

The suspension system of your automobile is pretty complex and made up of many parts. They include shock absorbers, springs, struts, and ball joints. These parts, along with your wheels and tires, manage how your car handles on the road.

Here are a few common signs that your suspension system needs some fixing:

When Driving, Car Pulls on One side

The car is drifting to either side of the road when driving in a straight line. This could be due to tire pressure or a need for wheels alignment. Firstly, if you feel the steering is difficult to steer at low speeds, this is the broken suspension’s fault. But at times, when steering left or right, there is a loud thud from under the bonnet. This is the broken or worn suspension mounts.

Uneven Tire Treads

If you notice an uneven wearing of the tire threads or if you start noticing balding spots, this is an indication of suspension issues. This cause could be the wheel alignment or wheel balancing iso being off. The other explanation is potential damaged suspension. With time the rubber bushing on the suspension mounting gets worn out.

Pulling or Drifting When You Turn

When your suspension system is failing, your will often experience your vehicle “pulling” or “drifting” when you turn. This means the shocks could no longer keep the car stable against the turn’s centrifugal force, which increases your risk of losing control of the car.

You feel Every Bump on the Road

If you feel every bump on the road, this is the sign of suspension failure

You can tell your car’s struts or shocks are going out when they start feeling every bump on the road or when all bumps cause the body of the vehicle to “bounce”. A rough ride is an obvious sign that the suspension system needs repair

Dips or “Nose Dives” When You Stop

When your vehicle’s shocks are worn out, you will feel the body lurching forward and downward nose-first when brakes are firmly applied. This could limit your ability to stop the vehicle quickly and cause dangerous driving conditions

One Corner Sits lower than the Other

When you have your vehicle on a levelled ground, if any corner of the vehicle sits lower than the other, then you might have a damaged spring. The damper or the whole suspension could also be a problem.

If the car has a damaged spring, you might hear a clunking noise when going over a rough section of road.

Damaged, “Oily” Shocks/Struts

If the struts or shocks look oily or greasy, chances are that they are leaking fluid and not working properly. This is the time to have them inspected and replaced before they ruin any other major component of your vehicle.

Do you need your suspension serviced?

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