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Looking for a transmission repair shop that you can trust may be daunting if you do not know anyone in your area. If you’re new in Mission Viejo and in need of an auto repair shop, we will let you in on a few tips.

As a car owner, there are two things you must remember – scheduled service maintenance and repair. For scheduled service maintenance, you can go to any auto repair shop to do diagnostic check on your vehicle. It is best if the shop is aware of technical service bulletins (TSB) from your car’s manufacturer. Repair is something that’s carried out when there is a problem to be fixed in your car.

Be aware of announcements from your car manufacturing company for any recalls of your vehicle’s model and year. If there is one, take your car to the dealership and let them take care of the service as part of the recall program.

If the problem is transmission, do not just go to any auto repair shop. It is a must that you visit one that specializes in transmission care. Let’s walk you through on how to choose a trusted transmission repair shop.

1. Ask around

Word of mouth remains the most basic source of information for recommendation. Relatives and friends would normally have a few suggestions on where you can go for transmission auto repair.

2. Search the Internet

Almost as basic as asking friends, the Internet has a wealth of information available for you. Limit your search within your neighborhood or few miles away. Just type your requirements in any search engine to find the one that suits you. There are reviews that you can read to help you decide whether the one you searched is trustworthy.

3. Find a shop that specializes in your car’s brand

Skilled. Trained. These are criteria that your chosen transmission repair shop should possess. Their mechanics must undergo regular trainings to get the latest updates on vehicle features and how to service when needed.

4. Go to a certified shop

Look for certification. The transmission repair shop and its mechanics should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. With a certification, you know that the shop and its mechanics are credible.

5. Trial period

No matter what people say or what you read in the Internet, the only way you would know if a shop is trustworthy is for you to try it out. Another indicator too is their length in business. A shop that has been open for a decade or more would have a loyal customer base that is satisfied with the service.

6. Warranties

A transmission repair shop that does a good job is confident about giving warranties. So always ask for guarantees that they can give on their repair work. These vary greatly from shop to shop so ask before you use their service.

7. Convenience and Availability

Know the operating hours of the transmission repair shop. It may be the closest to you but the operating hours may be in conflict with your availability. Find out too if you have transportation options if you leave your car.

Ticking this list can easily lead you to one of Mission Viejo’s most trusted auto repair and transmission care specialist. Angel’s Transmission and Auto Repair has been servicing clients in Mission Viejo and nearby communities in over two decades. Its technicians are continuously training to stay updated on the latest information and technology. The skilled and certified technicians average 20 years experience in the Automotive Repair Industry.

Call (949)587-9060 and let us help you with transmission repair services or general auto repair.

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