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Angel's Transmission & Auto Repair Blog - Orange County - 8 Back-to-School Auto Repair and Safety Tips

And just like that, you or your kids are back to school. But before driving away, ensure that your car is in optimal condition. Do a general check to ensure your vehicle is in tiptop shape and that auto repair has been conducted, if necessary.

In Mission Viejo, Angel’s Transmission and Auto Repair has a range of services for your vehicle’s needs. Apart from having a reliable auto repair partner in taking care of your car, here are few safety and care tips that you can observe at home.

1. Check your tires

By this time, you know that tires are the most important part of your car. It impacts your vehicles performance and safety. Ignoring tires could mean accidents for you. As always, do a quick walk around on your car for any signs of deflation or damage on your tires. It is best to have a tire gauge handy for you to know whether you need to inflate your tires back. Inspect thoroughly to see if there are any missing parts, uneven wear, depth of tread, etc. Make sure that you also inflate your spare tire. If you do not have a portable tire inflator, visit your nearest auto repair shop.

2. Check your wipers

Are the rubber blades worn out? Wipers are necessary for you to see clearly especially when there’s an inclement weather. Consider wipers as your insurance in safe driving. Replace them yourself or if feeling not confident enough to carry it out, go to your neighborhood auto repair shop.

3. Check fluids

Do a quick check on the level of your fluids – brake, transmission, and oil. Get your dipstick and assess if you need to add brake fluid or oil. Also, people tend to forget that transmission fluid is necessarily checked from time to time.

4. Check your lights

Are they all working? Sometimes one of the bulbs is busted or unknowingly to you, a short circuit has happened and affected your lights. Simply switch on all your lights to see if they are all working properly. It is dangerous to drive at night if your lights are not functioning.

5. Do a quick test drive

Take your car for a spin and listen if there are any unwanted noises. When you do this, make sure your car stereo is not in full volume to give you a chance to hear any clank or squeal (yes, your car can cry if it’s hurt). If there is a noise, go to a trusted auto repair shop right away and have it checked. Don’t self-diagnose.

6. Brake up

How are your brakes when you do the test drive? Is it still responsive? Pay attention to any clicking or screeching, as it may be time to visit an auto repair shop to check on your brakes.

7. Buckle up – always

This is non-negotiable. Make it a habit to strap yourself once seated. Do not drive away if your passengers are not buckled up. Remember, seat belts save lives. It is your responsibility as the driver to ensure that your passengers are safe.

8. Don’t Text

Practice safe driving and avoid distractions. We understand that checking your mobile phone every so often is a habit. But exercise utmost discipline in handling your phone while driving. Connect your device to the car’s stereo for hands free operations (better if you don’t use your phone at all). A text, a social media like or heart can wait until you’ve safely reached your destination. Your life is more precious than responding to someone’s posts. Don’t add up to the thousands of fatal crash victims due texting and driving.

Here are more tips on auto repair and transmission care. Angel’s Transmission and Auto Repair shop in Mission Viejo has a team of highly qualified technicians and certified mechanics who can assist in caring for your car. Give them a call at (949) 587-9060.

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